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Solution For Injection

As the sole anaesthetic agent for diagnostic and surgical procedures. When used by intravenous or intramuscular injection, Ketalar is best suited for short procedures. With additional doses, or by intravenous infusion, Ketalar can be used for longer procedures. If skeletal muscle relaxation is desired a muscle relaxant should be used and respiration should be supported. For the induction of anaesthesia prior to the administration of other general anaesthetic agents. To supplement other anaesthetic agents. Specific areas of application or types of procedure: When the intramuscular route of administration is preferred. Debridement, painful dressings and skin grafting in burned patients as well as other superficial surgical procedures. Neurodiagnostic procedures such as pneumoencephalograms, ventriculograms, myelograms and lumbar punctures. Diagnostic and operative procedures of the eye, ear, nose and mouth including dental extractions.( Note: eye movement may persist during ophthalmological procedures). Anaesthesia in poor-risk patients with depression of vital functions or where depression of vital functions must be avoided if at all possible. Orthopaedic procedures such as closed reduction, manipulation femoral pinning, amputations and biopsies. Sigmoidoscopy and minor surgery of the anus and rectum, circumcision and pilonidal sinus. Cardiac catheterization procedures. Caesarian section: as an induction agent in the absence of elevated blood pressure. Anaesthesia in the asthmatic patient, either to minimise the risk of an attack of bronchospasm developing or in the presence of bronchospasm where anaesthesia cannot be delayed.

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Ketamine as hydrochloride 50 MG/ML
Vial glass type i 1 x 10 ML 60
Vial glass type i 5 x 10 ML 60
Vial glass type i 10 x 10 ML 60





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